Jiaozuo Hong Thai Brake Co., Ltd.
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     Hong Thai, Jiaozuo City, Brake Co., Ltd. is a former Jiaozuo City Jingu brake Manufacturing Co., Ltd., set brakes, pusher, lifting appliances and other products developed, developing, manufacturing, sales and service for a modern new enterprise.

   The company specializes in technical force, the production of various series brakes are widely used in lifting, transportation, construction, chemical, mining, metallurgy, ports, coal mines and other industries mechanical safety brake of the drive; advanced production technology and equipment and perfect testing equipment; products to achieve strict control of the whole process; so that the pass rate of 100% customer satisfaction products.
Runs through the "integrity molded brand, quality win customers," business philosophy. To provide users with a full range of pre-sales, sale, service.

Customer satisfaction, Jiaozuo City, Hong Thai Brake Co., Ltd. all staff eternal pursuit!

We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us!
 First, the pursuit of business:
Us to achieve the interests of customers maximize the value of the company's growth to maximize win-win goal has been any work diligently, and in perpetuity, painstaking pursuit of perseverance, 5-10 years time, so that our enterprises have become well-known brand of the brake industry.
Second, the leadership concept:
The boss is on grass-roots leaders, grass-roots leadership to the staff and employees to customer service, as long as our good service, companies can develop better.
Third, the social responsibility:
Employees must have a strong sense of mission and responsibility, we want to be socially responsible, responsible for the enterprise, to the family is responsible to the friends, the mission of gathering strength, the responsibility to create value.
Fourth, the business philosophy:
Hundred years to build businesses, to create a Chinese brand name, brand building and delivering value in the service in the competition.
Fifth, work style:
The rapid reaction is performed immediately, no excuses, only immediate action.
Leadership to do things three wake up:
1, there is no long-term development of the pro-business?
2, there is not conducive to team work in harmony?
3, there is no selfishness of damaged corporate image?

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